Sober Group embraces the opportunity to provide innovative avenues for persons in recovery, and seeks to expand its continuum of services.

  • Locating mental health agencies
  • Seeking addiction professionals
  • Structured community of living environments
  • Finding self-help support groups

By offering services recommedation, Sober Group guides people in recovery and those who provide it to those struggling with substance use abuse, co-occurring addictions, and mental health disorders related to drug and alcohol abuse.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

Myrin New • Executive Director, Sober Group


Volunteer efforts by people like you can help change lives and the benefit is a good feeling for everyone.

Sober Group Volunteering


Our seminars brings together professionals working in the addiction recovery community to help find disorders solutions.

Sober Group Seminars


Our online education portal allows for e-learning with courses in sober support functions.

Sober Group eLearning


Sponsorship within Sober Group’s organization is available. For more information, please follow this link.

Sober Group Sponsorship

Heart of Giving

Our parent, is a non-profit organization. By giving to a nonprofit organization, you will be able to support causes which you feel are important directly, without having to become physically involved. Support someone else who is not able to do so. By donating to, you are directly helping to remedy the help and resources needed.


As long as drug addiction, alcohol abuse and related untreated mental disorders continues to ravage lives and those around us, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.