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Outsourcing Technical Firm for Addiction Treatment Facilities, Sober Living Residences and Professionals

Welcome to Sober Group, the trusted agency within the addiction treatment industry. If you’re visiting us for the first time, that means you’re looking to find out more about our digital agency, the services we provide and ultimately how we can help you. Think of us as your compass for navigating how to handle your digital presence in the dominant mobile device world.

We are not a general services agency set on selling products, or just another vendor looking to hook you with traditional SEO and SEM marketing lingo.  We are not going to pitch you a script with a one-size fits all spiel on what will work for your professional services.  We are not a one-and-done agency.

We are a technical firm built from a legacy of trust and transparency.  As a full-service digital partner that specializes in programming, database development and cloud services, our team effectively becomes an extension of your team – executing with measurable results as a top priority.  We are a strategic partner driven to learn about your business challenges and find new ways to grow your leads for the long-term.


Together we make all the difference

We’re looking for interesting articles, lively in tone, much like that which you would find in a newspaper. Our blog posts usually argue a point, draw a line of argument, trace the emergence of a trend, or just discuss something interesting. Some topics lend themselves best to long-form essays, while others work better in list form. We also post Q&A’s, quizzes, slideshows, videos, and audio files. The most important thing to remember is that we’re not looking for an explicitly promotional piece (but you can submit, if it is related to addiction and substance abuse recovery). We want to spark a conversation.

No technical expertise is needed. As this is written for an online audience, we try to make the pages web-friendly and appealing to read onscreen, such as including hyperlinks and images. Sober Group follows the Hart’s Rules style guide, but the most important thing is to write as you would in your native English.

  • Submit your article as a Word document.
  • Single-space between sentences.
  • Indicate a new paragraph with a hard return, rather than an indentation.
  • Include a brief 2-4 sentence bio, including your academic webpage and any social media profiles.
  • Create hyperlinks (embedded references) for any/all direct references by highlighting the text. Don’t use footnotes or end notes.
  • Include images that we have the rights or permission to use.
  • The title and subtitle of your post should be clear and succinct. Imagine what a person would query in Google to find out about this topic.
  • The word count is flexible, but most authors aim for 700-800 words.

    Please upload your document.
    Allowable file extensions (.doc, .docX, .rtf, .pdf)

    Additional: please upload an accompanying image.
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    Holland Pathways Addiction Treatment Center - Wichita, Kansas

    Holland Pathways is dedicated to helping adult clients triumph over their addictions to achieve real and lasting change in their lives. Our luxury, 64-bed campus offers intensive, trauma-responsive treatment to support the needs of individuals at every stage of their recovery. Wichita, Kansas

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